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About Dragon Voice Recognition .com

Providing Voice Recognition Solutions since .... you .... had .... to .... talk .... like .... this .... period.


We sell, support, manage and do IT work for you. Our customers have the benefit of resting assured, their solution is going to work well the first time. These benefits are available for all of our web shoppers.


Our company has been in business providing voice recognition solutions for over 15 years. Our partners include Nuance, Olympus, Philips, Sennheiser, Shure and the list goes on to include many others.


We offer many products including exclusive and unique hardware and software. We specialize in voice recognition microphone solutions and digital recording equipment for the purpose of dictation.


We offer our expertise to Enterprise customers, management of wireless and mobile devices as well as consumers.




- Full 2 years of technical support (about the lifetime of a product).

- Premium lifetime support including log-in support for 1st year is automatic with Professional, Legal and Medical Dictation Products.

- Training Services available for one-on-one and classroom remote training

- Our premium support and training services include logging into your computer and resolving issues quickly.




- Many Dragon NaturallySpeaking products come with a 90 day - 1 year of support through the manufacturer. We offer 2 years of support.

- Many manufacturer call-center technicians are focused on individual errors. We offer support on complete solutions.


If you are serious about implementing voice recognition into your business or personal use, then partner with experts! Partner with us!


For all our customers, We Guarantee Success!


DragonVoiceRecognition.com is managed and owned by New World Creations, Inc.

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Q. What are the requirements Will Version 12 - 15 work with a 64-bit operating system, Tablets and other computers?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Editions above are supported in all the latest Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 8 and Windows 10 32 and 64-bit.


Q. Can Dragon Transcribe any Digital Recording?

No: Dragon Naturally Speaking CANNOT transcribe meetings, interviews, telephone conversations, depositions, songs, etc... Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a personal speech recognition system. The system can only hear one voice and transcribe the voice. This technology has improved in where training may be a thing of the past but is still meant to transcribe one individual.

A solution is to "Shadow Dictate". Listen to the recording and repeat what is said so Dragon can transcribe your voice. Still beats typing!!

Q. I already use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Why should I upgrade to Version 15?

If you want to keep up with the latest in technology, then you'll want to upgrade.

Today, we have some incredible offers for upgrades. If you own version 12, you can upgrade all the way up to version 15.

Each new release of Dragon Naturally Speaking includes improvement of accuracy, improvement of speed, new features and compatibility updates for today's latest software.

When not to upgrade!

  • When your computer is already running slow.
  • When you have never upgraded your microphone to gain more accuracy on your current system.
  • If everything is working perfectly.

When to definately upgrade!

  • You already use Dragon on a very frequent basis.
  • You have a powerful new computer and want to get closer to 100% accuracy.
  • You simply have to have the latest.

Look at the next tab above to see What's new in Dragon 15 voice recognition.

Q. Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking work on Macintosh computers?

No. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is designed for Windows operating systems. However, Dragon Dictate is designed for Macintosh computers. Dragon for Windows is more powerful than Dragon for MAC. Many power users must use virtual-pc type software to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking in both PC and MAC.

Q. Can I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my iPhone or Android?

No, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is for personal computers. There are apps available on smartphone devices for quick notes. If you actually plan to work with Dragon on a desk, a Dragon NaturallySpeaking desktop solution is needed.

Q. Is Dragon available in more than one language?

Dragon is available in American English, Australian English, Asian English, Indian English, UK English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

We do sell via our store the French, German and Spanish editions of Dragon.

Q: What wireless headsets are compatible with Dragon for dictation?

More and more headsets are being introduced every day, but not all work well for speech recognition. We carry a line of headsets which have been endorsed to work well with Dragon software. Please look on the left for a list of our devices.

Q. What does “no training required” mean? If I don’t need product training, why is there a tutorial?

"No Training Required," is a feature focused on voice training as opposed to product training. It is a valuable and important positioning statement to say that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the first product to eliminate voice training and still deliver high accuracy levels. This strategic message is intended for those who have previously spent a long time in the enrollment process and still received poor results." Training" is the word most often associated with describing "enrollment" or "script reading." The use of "training" in context with "high accuracy" or "eliminates the need to train the software to a user's voice" does not eliminate the need for product training.

Q: Please define and differentiate between Language Model Optimizer and Acoustic Optimizer.

The Acoustic Optimizer is a tool that optimizes the acoustic models. It uses audio in the .dra files, as well as enrollment data, and correction data in the acarchive.nwv. The Language Model optimizer is a tool that optimizes the topic with dictated text found in the . dra files.

Q: Which versions of Dragon support dictation into Electronic Medical Records systems (EMRs)?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the current solution for clinicians of all types. There is a Dragon Medical Network Edition available direct for large Enterprise health care environments.

Dragon Medical products include many advanced features. These features are not included with the Dragon Preferred, Premium, Professional and Legal editions of Dragon. Dictation into an EMR application is disabled in these non-medical versions.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • 75 medical specialty vocabularies, which deliver 38 percent higher accuracy than non-medical speech recognition software, saving clinicians thousands of hours in time correcting errors and adding medical terms to Dragon Professional or Preferred.
  • New EMR-specific features, ranging from a hidden dictation window capability to enhanced formatting for medical abbreviations and text management, which make products such eClinicalWorks, Epic, Allscripts and other software faster and easier to use.

We have heard from clinicians - and our EMR partners - who previously used Dragon Professional or Preferred version 9 and migrated to Dragon Medical 9 that they wished they could have started with the medical version. Dragon Medical 10 is the right product for busy physicians and its high value feature set makes it the only Dragon solution for EMR use.

Q: How does speech recognition work?

Speech recognition software products like Dragon NaturallySpeaking use the human voice as the main interface between the user and the computer. While relatively simple to use, speech recognition software is a highly sophisticated technology that leverages “language modeling” to recognize and differentiate among the millions of human utterances that make up any language. Using statistical models, speech recognition programs analyze an incoming stream of sound and interpret those sounds as commands and dictation. This process of interpretation is called speech recognition, and its success is measured by the percentage of correct interpretations.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an example of a speaker dependent speech recognition system. Dragon creates a voice profile for each user of the system that contains information about the unique characteristics of each person's voice along with a customized set of words, known as a vocabulary, and user specific information including software settings and personalized macros. When Dragon users create and train their user profile, they start with a standard set of models and then customize them for the way they speak (acoustic model) and the way they use words (vocabulary and associated language model). This approach accommodates users with varying accents and speech patterns. The software employs the customized user profile to guess the words spoken. Every time an individual uses Dragon and corrects his recognition errors, the software updates his user profile to enable better recognition accuracy over time.

In most cases, speech recognition is used in conjunction with other input devices including keyboards and mice. However, users can leverage speech recognition to control 100 percent of their computing environment, making this technology ideal for employees with physical challenges, repetitive strain injuries or other reasons to operate information systems completely hands-free.

Q: Do I need to talk in a monotone voice at a slow pace for Dragon NaturallySpeaking to understand me?

No. Speak at your normal pace without slowing down. Your accuracy will actually be best if you speak in long, well-enunciated phrases or sentences. Speaking slowly and deliberately, in short phrases or single words, can actually result in more recognition errors. Longer phrases provide more context, which helps Dragon NaturallySpeaking recognize individual words. To understand what it means to speak both clearly and naturally, listen to the way newscasters read the news. If you copy this style when you dictate, the program should successfully recognize what you say.

In general conversations, many people may mumble, slur their words, or leave words out altogether. They assume, usually correctly, that their listeners will be able to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, computers won't understand mumbled speech or missing words. They only understand what was actually spoken and don't know enough to fill in the gaps by guessing what was meant.

Q: Is talking to a computer the same as talking to a person?

No. What the computer does when it listens to speech is different from what a person does. Understanding spoken language is something that people often take for granted. Most of us develop the ability to recognize speech when we're very young. We're already experts at speech recognition by the age of three or so.

The first challenge in speech recognition is to identify what is speech and what is just noise. People can filter out noise fairly easily, which lets us talk to each other almost anywhere. We have conversations in busy train stations, across the dance floor, and in crowded restaurants. It would be very dull if we had to sit in a quiet room every time we wanted to talk to each other! Unlike people, computers need help separating speech sounds from other sounds. When you speak to a computer, you should be in a place without too much noise. Then, you must speak clearly into a microphone that has been placed in the right position. If you do this, the computer will hear you just fine, and not get confused by the other noises around you.

Another challenge is how to distinguish between two or more phrases that sound alike. People use common sense and context — knowledge of the topic being talked about — to decide whether a speaker said "ice cream" or "I scream." Speech-recognition programs don't understand what words mean, so they can't use common sense the way people do. Instead, they keep track of how frequently words occur by themselves and in the context of other words. This information helps the computer choose the most likely word or phrase from among several possibilities.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Demos

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Video Features

Adding a Source to an Existing Profile

Dragon Video Demonstration on Adding a Source to and Existing Profile (your edition may look different but is all the same concepts.

Basic Editing

Dragon Video Demonstration on Basic Editing within the program.

Correction and Editing

Dragon Video Demonstration on Correcting and Editing fonts, punctuations, errors, etc while working with the software.

Creating Demands

Dragon Video Demonstrating on Creating Demands, such as copy that, delete, scratch that during transcription.

Dragon VIdeo Demonstration for Using Gmail.

Using Hotmail

Dragon VIdeo Demonstration for Using Hotmail.

Importing Vocabulary Lists

Dragon Video Demonstration on Importing Vocabulary Lists.

Interactive Tutorial

Dragon Video Tutorial.

Menu Options

Dragon Video Demonstration on Menu Options.

Posting to Facebook

Dragon Video Demonstration for Posting status' to Facebook.

Read That

Dragon Video Demonstration for the command, Read That.

Smart Format Rules

Dragon Video Demonstration on Smart Formatting Rules.

Posting to Twitter

Dragon Video Demonstration for Posting tweets' to Twitter.

Searching the Web

Dragon Video Demonstration for Searching the Web, and navigating through web pages.

Play That Back

Dragon Video Demonstration for the command, Play That Back.


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New World Creations Policies & Information

New World Creations produces and manages DragonVoiceRecognition.com

Products We Offer

We offer hundreds of products from over a dozen of Manufacturers. We do this in order to satisfy the needs of all customers, regardless of their application, or budget. Our product line consists of products from major manufacturers including Dragon NaturallySpeaking, IBM, Ectaco, Systran, Sony, Olympus, Andrea Electronics, Emkay, GN-Netcom, Philips, Plantronics, Shure, Telex, VXI Parrott and more. Also, be sure to look at our digital transcription systems.


The best way to reach tech support is via e-mail at [email protected] If you are a Premium paying customer, just give us a call! We will not support individuals who do not purchase products from our company. Standard rates of $50 per 1/2 hr apply.


For all prices and products, we reserve the right to make adjustments due to errors, changing market conditions, product discontinuation or typographical errors in advertisements. New World Creations is not responsible for manufacturer price changes which may occur at any time without notice. Hence, despite our best efforts, a small number of the items in our online or printed catalog may have new prices. Rest assured, we always verify prices as part of our shipping procedures. · If an item's correct price is more than $5.00 higher than our stated price, we contact you via E-mail or Telephone for instructions before shipping (again, we contact you only if the price is more than $5.00 than our the originally stated price).

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Availability information for the products and services in our catalog and/or our websites, may sometimes be listed on each item's detail page. Beyond what we may say on that page, we cannot be more specific about availability unless you contact us. After we have received your order, we will inform you by E-mail, or telephone if any items in your order changes in price or prove to be unavailable or are on backorder.

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All exact exchanges or credit for product(s) purchased from New World Creations must meet following guidelines: 1. Items must be returned within 30 days from original shipment date. 2. Valid NWC return authorization number (RA #) must accompany ALL returns. (You can e-mail our Shipping Department or call 888-501-0123 to request a return authorization number). 3. Complete and return this form - Click here to print out a return form. 4. It is the responsibility of the customer to repackage all returning product(s) into its original manufacture's packaging. The product(s) contents and packaging must not be torn, ripped or damaged in any way. Receipt of the product(s) in poor condition will render the product(s) non returnable and will be returned back to to the customer or an additional restocking fee of 20% will be applied. 5. Safely pack the original manufacturer's package into an outer shipping carton(s) and label the shipment with the following return address, along with the RA Number granted by our Return Center. (do not write on the manufacturer's packaging, manuals or literature. Failure to do so will render the return non-sellable)

New World Creations

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Please note:
There is a 0 % restocking fee for items returned within 30 days for in-store credit. If a cash refund is requested, there is a 20% restocking fee. Shipping charges and other miscellaneous fees originally charged are non refundable. If you encounter a defect with the product, you may exchange it and send it to our office within 30 days. Beyond the 30-day warranty, normal warranty procedures for that product will be handled through manufacturer. Unopened product may be returned and subject to a 10% restocking fee less shipping. Shipping carriers may change their schedules during holidays, therefore all policies are subject to change on the day prior to and after holidays. Please call for further details.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Master card, Amex, Discover, COD and Checks. Purchase Orders are accepted by Government Agencies, State Agencies, all Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Fortune 1000 companies.


We have items in stock most of the time. All orders must be received by 3:00 PM EST to be shipped that business day. Orders received after 3:00 PM EST will be shipped the next business day, subject to product availability. We offer standard UPS ground and Express services.

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Business Days do not include Saturday, Sunday or United States federal holidays.

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Overseas orders are accepted. However, you must give valid e-mail addresses, credit card billing information & telephone numbers prior to any product being shipped. We will make every attempt to verify your information, in the event that we can not, we will need further information such as a copy of a bill with your name and address. You can either e-mail the information to customer [email protected] or fax to 1-800-878-9734.

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