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Dragon - 10MED-MAXUSB
Dragon 10 Medical with Maximum USB Headset Configuration. Upgraded headset configuration includes full duplex USB Adapter, a Dual Array microphone and headset with volume / mute controls. Top rated hardware by Nuance.

Get top notch accuracy and take a shot at being hands free with this double microphone bundle.


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Dragon 11 Video Features

Enhanced User Interface

The Dragon 11 user interface enables more accurate and efficient dictation. A discreet recognition indicator encourages continuous speech for improved accuracy, and the new Dragon Sidebar allows users to quickly reference or print Dragon tips and voice commands.

General Dictation

Dragon quickly processes the recognition of speech in the background with a discreet indicator that recognition is in progress. This encourages continuous speech which enables Dragon to improve accuracy based on the context of each utterance.


The improved Correction Menu suggests more alternate recognitions by default and enables users to quickly add phrases to the vocabulary. A new command within this window allows users to prevent an undesired word from being recognized again.

Formatting and Editing Text

When you select, correct, edit or format a word or phrase and there are multiple matches, Dragon displays a number next to each match. Save time by choosing whether to apply the command to one or all of the numbered items.

Dragon lets you use your voice to move around within a document and edit or format the contents.

Creating Custom Commands

Easily create or import commands to insert frequently used text and/or graphics by voice.

Read That

Text to Speech capabilities within Dragon deliver a synthesized voice that can read out loud text you designate.

Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Web Search

New Dragon Voice Shortcuts make it faster and easier to find information on the Web. Users now have the ability to complete precise and efficient searches by editing search terms before execution with the “Edit Search Keywords� box which appears by default.

Searching the Web

Dragon makes it easy to surf the Web hands-free by delivering the ability to click links by voice, dictate web addresses, scroll pages and more. You can even navigate radio buttons and drop-down menus by voice.

Using Macros

Dragon can help users accomplish routine tasks more quickly and efficiently by cutting down on the number of steps it takes to complete a given task — without changing established business processes. With Dragon, repetitive tasks can be consolidated and executed with a single voice command using Dragon Professional.


Facts for Dragon 10MED-MAXUSB :

No matter what, you'll be up and running with stunning accuracy! This system configuration is meant to be used in quiet environments.

Features for Dragon 10MED-MAXUSB

  • 6 Dragon rated Andrea headset with Volume and Mute Switch
  • Dual Array microphone, great for Tablet PC and PC monitor mounting
  • Top rated USB Sound Adapter. Comes with free recording software and sound filtering software.

    Other Information

  • Requirements & Specifications for Dragon 10MED-MAXUSB

    Product comes with the following:

  • Dragon Medical 10.1
  • Headset Microphone w/Vol & Mute
  • Dual Array microphone
  • USB Sound Card / pod / adapter
  • FREE BACKUP MICROPHONE - Just in case something goes wrong.